Weekly Blog: W/C 19/08/13

Monday 19th August. 7pm. The Flatts.  I see we have a race meeting once again.

Thursday 22nd August. 7.30pm. Sessay Swift Six. No Club training this week. You can save all your energy for the race.

I think last weeks training, both the Monday and the Wednesday session were the best completed sets of the year. There was some fast running, everyone was focused and it was a joy to be part of it. Thank you for joining in.

Lets get out there on Thursday night and lets all go for a PB. The target time you should be looking for is:

Take your average time per Kilometre from your recent 10k race.  ie. if you did 50 mins then its 5min per k.
Multiply it by 6 =  30 mins.  
Subtract 1 minute =  29 mins. This should be your Target.

See you all very, very soon.


Weekly Blog: w/c 12/08/13

Monday 12th August. 7pm.  On the Flatts. (Behind the swimming pool)  Sprints, circuits, even dancing would you believe!!

Wednesday 14th August. 7pm.  Athletic Club. There is also a fell race and it much depends how we recover from the 10k this Sunday as to what we do. However, we will be doing something.

We will not have a training session on August 21st, I am giving you all the night off to rest in preparation of the Sessay Swift Six!! Have you all sent your entries in yet?

Sunday 11th August Darlington 10k.
Ok. It’s now up to you. We’ve trained together for 3 months and have now reached our peak!! Just trust in your training and believe in yourself.  
Leave your watch in the car and run like the wind.

Good luck and see you soon,

w/c 05/08/13

Monday 5th August. 7pm. Athletic Club.   OK, we did miss last week but it was the first this year. We had a job to complete near Leeds. It wasn’t because it was raining. Honest!!

Wednesday  7th August 7pm Athletic Club.     
2 x ( 5 x 2mins/ 1min recovery) 2mins between sets.   Last week we ran for a set time with no real pressure, just run as you feel. Which makes me wonder why people were running inside the markers. You had nothing to gain. Remember, there is nothing to gain taking short cuts in training. If it’s a race then that’s a different story. This week we will run for a set time and distance, a little more pressure. You should be running at quite a bit faster than your 10k speed!!

How did the Herriot run go for you? I climbed badly on the first hill, didn’t go very well against the strong wind on the top and couldn’t get my legs to go fast enough on the downhill sections but I did finish quite strong which gave me a bit of satisfaction. I asked Christine which bits she liked and she said “the finish!!”

Where do you like training?  I just wondered if you could drop Fran an email with your favourite training areas and she could send them out with my next blog all at one go!!
At this time of year I like to train on the freshly cleared harvest fields, especially once they have been sown with the new winter crops. Freshly rolled down and firm. If they have a slope on them, then so much the better.


Championship Race. Darlington 10k. Sunday 11th August. Flat and fast (Well, it’s flat. Whether it’s fast or not depends on how you run it)!! . My last race before my 60th. I was hoping to dip under 40minutes.  No pressure then.


Going for my Sunday run. Hills, Wass Woods. 


HDSRL in Thirsk this week!

Thank you Marian and Ian for looking after us last night. All that lovely food and what an inspirational garden. ( is it possible to be inspired and jealous all in the same breath? Then I think some of us would have been last night)  From now on you will be known as Marian the Bake and Ian the Garden. A brilliant night.

Monday 8th July.  7pm Athletic Club.     
Did anyone ache a little after all those press ups last week?


Wednesday 10th July.   HDSRL handicap at THIRSK. The first runners set off 7.20’ish. Sharon and Martyn have everything under control and we will be ready. We all  know what we are doing so just enjoy it. If you are running and your favourite colour is blue, then you will have a lovely surprise about half around the race.

 Tomorrow is the next Club Championship race. The Kilburn 7. I think it is going to be a little on the warm side!!

Yesterday was our 39th Wedding Anniversary and I remember it well. Yes, we did get married on the Friday and we spent the next two days travelling by coach and rail to a little hotel in the mountains way up above Innsbruck in Austria. It was 10 minutes to four on the Sunday afternoon when we checked in. Only ten minutes to go before the 1974 world cup finals which were on TV in the hotel lounge. You should have seen Christine’s face when I said we could save a bit of time if she took the cases up to the room while I did the paper work and if she was extra quick I would let her sit on my knee till half time. It didn’t really help when the receptionist said it was in colour as well. It was around then when I found out she didn’t really like football very much!!


 See you tomorrow,



Record Breakers!!

Monday 1st July.  7pm.  Athletic Club.   
No horses this week so we are back to our grass track at the Athletic Club.

Wednesday 3rd July.   7pm Athletic Club. 
2x ( 8 x 1min/ 1min recovery ) 3 minutes between sets.  Sounds technical but its not. It’s just very, very hard work. If you are just coming back from injury, a beginner or not quite up to full training it would be advisable for you to miss out the 4th and 8th effort in each set. This is not taking it easy, it’s just being sensible. We could also do with a time keeper who can blow a whistle very loud, being able to wave a large white flag at the same time would also be useful. All will become obvious on the night!!


Yet another record broken. 37 finishers at the latest HDRL. I think you will all agree it was a little easier than Richmond but only just. Now it is our turn, no hills. Just hard, flat out pain from start to finish. Nowhere to rest unless you are lucky enough to get caught up in a kissing gate for a couple secs. Sharon will be asking for helpers on the night but if we all muck in, it will not take long.


Come on, lets have a smile!!


see you soon, Rob


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