The club hosted the league handicap for the first time this week, after another very successful season for the HDSRL, start times being based on results from the 4 previous races.  162 runners took part on a warm, balmy evening over a mainly
off-road course from Sowerby Flatts.  Ian Codling and Phillip Craig were among the prizewinners for the evening, Ian finishing an excellent 2nd and Phillip equally excellent in 3rd.  Andrea Almack, new to the club but enjoying these fixtures, was 6th, Nicola Jenkins 21st,  Hilary Coventry 34th.  Rebecca Hartley 42nd,  Helen Ashworth 46th,  Merv Burn 59th,  Sarah Goacher 63rd,  Steve Middleton 76th,  Claire Gillan 78th,  Paul Goacher 83rd,  David Shorrocks 86th,  Graham Robinson 89th,  Rob Burn 94th, Clare Goacher 106th,  Stephan Tomaszewski 114th,  Fran Jeffery 118th,  Matt Jones 136th, Marian Codling 159th anf Geoff Bullock 161st.  A big thankyou from all members to league organisers!

 The previous week, 4 members entered the Darlington Pit Stop 10 at Croft Autodrome over a very fast course.  Greg MacDonald, in his first outing for the club, came a superb 9th in 36.10 in a keenly fought finishe with Steve Middleton, 10th in 36.27. Dan Holdsworth wasn’t far behind, 16th in 37.19, with Steve Scott 101st out of 185 runners in a personal best 46.59.

Steve Scott also did the Hamsterely Forest 10k, coming a very good 126th in 54.06.

Nicola Jenkins, in a new venture for her, tackled the Ripon Triathlon at the weekend on a scorching hot Saturday.  The weather was so warm that even the lake was warm and wet suits were dispensed with!  Nicola finished 491st out of the 663 entrants in 3.02.55, with her appetite whetted for more!

The club is busy organising the next of its races, the Sessay Swift 6k, on Thurs 22nd August, 7 pm, over a flat, fast 1-lap course.  The race, in its second year, was much enjoyed by all who entered last year in the lovely village of Sessay, and details can be found on the club website.

Ladies excel on the Fells again

Another record turnout saw 37 Harriers at the recent HDSRL fixture at Sicklinghall, hosted by Wetherby Runners.  There were 289 runners in total on a pleasant evening for running over a severely undulating, not to say hilly, course, with lovely supper to follow!  Steve Middleton continued his excellent form to come in 26th in a time of 28.48, followed by Dan Holdsworth 31st in 29.15, Stephan Tomaszewski 33rd in 29.19,  and Craig Lee, in his first outing for the club, a very promising 35th in 29.21.  Walter Busuttil was next, 46th in 30.06,  Rob Burn 78th in 31,53,  Merv Burn 101st in 33.11,  Graham Robinson 106th in 33.37,  Matt Jones 107th in 33.44,  Martyn Coy 108th in 33.50,  Bryan Miller, improving all the time, 139th in 35.34,  Nicola Booth 148th in 36.07,  David Shorrocks 152nd in 36.27,  Hywel Smith 155th in 36.39, just pipping the ever competitive Hilary Coventry 156th in 36.42,  Steve Scott 160th in 36.49,  Helen Ashworth 168th in 37.22,  Fran Jeffery 175th in 37.41,  Rebecca Hartley 181st in 38.07,  Nicloa Jenkins 186th in 38.12,  Brian Smith 196th in 38.48,  Paul Goacher 221st in 40.22,  Marc Davies, getting back into running after an injury, 228th in 41.24,  Claire Gillan 232nd in 42.07,   Malcolm Aitken 234th in 42.24,  Clare Goacher 242nd in 43.02,  Christine Burn 258th in 44.13,  Lisa Brown 259th in 44.26,  Janet Balmain 263rd in 45.25,  Andy Peckitt 266th in 45.35,  Andrea Almack 269th in 46.04,  Phillip Craig 271st in 46.28,  Sharon Keegan 278th in 49.36,  Cath Lumb 279th in 49.39,  Ian Codling 281st in 50.30,  Marian Codling 288th in 55.31 and Bev Davies 289th in 55.57.

  We have a very enthusiastic group of fell runners at the moment, and 13 of them turned out for the recent Wharlton Run, Race 5 of the summer series, on a fine warm evening for running.  Noel Clough led members home, 20th in 49.00, followed by Lorraine Hiles 43rd in 53.32,  Graham Robinson 45th in 54.35,  Nicola Booth 66th and 1st F50 in 58.00,  Helen Ashworth 69th in 59.11,  Hilary Coventry 74th in 60.09,  Rebecca Hartley 76th in 60.20,  Pat Kirby 78th and 1st F60 in 60.35,  Fran Jeffery 78th in 61.28,  John Bishop 88th in 64.25,  Nicola Jenkins 94th in 66.44,  Bryan Miller 100th in 77.30 and Claire Gillan 106th in 87.30.  On an excellent night, our ladies teams carried off 1st and 3rd team prizes, keeping them all well topped up with wine!

Alan Harman

Alan Harman was at Alnwick at the weekend for the second running of the Alnwick Half Marathon – the headquarters and course having to be changed this year because of “that wedding” at Alnwick Castle, but back to normal next year.  208 runners completed the lovely course, 75% off-road and four miles of it along the river Aln.  Alan finished in a very good 94th place in a time of 1.52.22, 5 minutes quicker than last year, in his 75th Half Marathon!
 The previous weekend he was at the attractive village of Marsden, near Huddersfield, for the Marsden 10, actually 10.3 miles.  80% of the course was off-road, 6 miles up and 4 miles down, with stunning scenery and taking in 5 reservoirs.  Alan came in 152nd out of the 207 finishers in 1.38.09.

Record turn out at the HDSRL

A record number of 36 Harriers competed in the latest HDSRL fixture at Richmond last week, several entering a race for the first time.  What a toughie to start!  A long walk uphill to the start gave a foretaste of things to come, and the race began with a long continuation uphill!  Some tarmac running and then a very steep, long, shaley descent followed, then some more undulating off-road, and a nice long downhill to the finish!  Steve Middleton, in great form just now, was first club finisher, 16th  in a time of 35.15, followed by Stephan Tomaszewski, 22nd in 35.46,  Walter Busuttil 25th in 36.13, Rob Burn 48th in 39.00,  Dan Holdsworth 64th in 40.37,  Graham Robinson 73rd in 40.58,  Matt Jones 91st in 42.12,  Martyn Coy, trying to get back after injury, 97th in 42.52,  David Shorrocks 99th in 43.13,  Bryan Miller 110th in 44.04,  Rob Lickley 120th in 44.30,  Nicola Booth 123rd in 44.34,  Hilary Coventry 133rd in 45.26,  Helen Ashworth 142nd in 46.07,  Geoff Bullock 150th in 46.27,  Pat Kirby 157th in 47.03,  Nicola Jenkins 158th in 47.08,  Rebecca Hartley 170th in 47.52,  David Fawkes 172nd in 48.01,  Carol Morrison 176th in 48.34,  Fiona Needham 181st in 49.00,  Fran Jeffery 183rd in 49.15,  Brian Smith, in a sprint finish with John Bishop, and both given the same time, 50.15, in 190th place, Faith Coy 214th in 53.27,  Christine Burn 215th in 53.31,  Claire Gillan 223rd in 54.48,  Clare Goacher 232nd in 57.49,  Andrea Almack, one of the first timers, 233rd in 57.59,  Cath Lumb 238th in 59.39,  Phillip Craig 239th in 61.02,  Julie Forster, another first timer, 240th in 61.53,  Sarah Goacher 241st in 61.54,  Ian Codling 244th in 66.45,  Marian Codling 245th in 68.35 and Bev Davies 246th in 69.07.
The previous night, (!!!), ten Harriers competed in the Ossy Oiks Fell Race, only marginally more difficult than the Richmond race, and another race with a long, steep descent, but it was once again a lovely evening for running.  Terrain varied from very hard to very boggy.  Hester Cox, was first club finisher,  coming 33rd out of 78 in a time of 51.50, with Lorraine Hiles 57th in 57.28, Nicola Booth 60th in 58.36,  Fran Jeffery 65th in 62.52,  Carol Morrison 69th in 65.08,  Alan Wikeley 70th in 65.30,  Pat Kirby 71st in 70.04,  David Read 74th in 73.00,  with Claire Gillan and Bryan Miller finishing together, 75th in 75.00.  The Ladies again walked away with the 1st Team prize, beating the 2nd place team by only one point.
  David Read had only a few days before completed a 670 mile cycle ride through Europe in a money raising challenge!
  Paul Atkinson was among the 98 finishers in the Mulgrave Castle 10k, finishing a very good 24th in 46.51.
  Ian and Marian Codling had an “away-day” to enter the Morecambe 10k, starting along the promenade and then out through Heysham and back on another lovely day.  Ian came 203rd in 67.15 and Marian 212th in 74.42, both feeling the effects of Richmond.
   At the far side of the world, John Yates took part in the Indonesia Volcano Challenge over 22 k with 2000 metres of climb.  The race took runners up via the crater rim with the air getting thicker, round on the shale, then an 800m drop before returning on very difficult terrain over rocks, tree roots and cobbles for the last 5k or so.  John was 7th V40 finisher in a time of 4h 35

HDSRL – Harrogate

The second fixture of the HDSRL took place on Tuesday at Harrogate, with 322 runners completing the testing (especially for those who had done the Ripon 10 just a couple of days before) course!  
Stephan Tomaszewski, getting back to the top of his form, led club members home in 35th place in a time of 38.00,  Matt Jones, improving with every run, 100th in 42.52,  Graham Robinson – ever consistent – 127th in 44.16,  Paul Goacher 185th in 48.19,  Helen Ashworth 193rd in 48.43,  Hilary Coventry 203rd in 49.29,  Fran Jeffery 210th in 49.40,  Rebecca Hartley, in her first outing for the club, 213th in 49.51,  Nicola Jenkins 214th in 49.52,  Pat Kirby 238th in 51.12,  Malcolm Aitken 271st in 54.12,  Clare Goacher 309th in 60.09,  Phillip Craig 317th in 64.00, doing well to complete the race following a hard fall near the start, just pipping Sarah Goacher, 318th in 64.04 and Ian Codling 322nd in 70.27.  The usual excellent supper and sociables followed the race.
  On Sunday, Steve Scott was the club’s sole representative at the lovely Raby Castle 10k and had a good run to come 184th out of a field of 346 in a time of 52.57.  Other members did the Melmerby 10k but those results are not yet to hand.

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Hello club members and friends of the Thirsk 10 road race. We would just like to provide a brief update to inform everybody that for obvious reasons the Thirsk 10 race will not be held in March 2021 however, we intend to reassess the situation in the Spring with a view to holding the event later in the year subject to national and local restrictions in place at the time. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtably cause, however I am sure that everybody appreciates that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a fluid situation with rules and restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis. We will provide a further update in once we have been able to consider matters. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times, keep running and stay safe. The Thirsk 10 Team.