Daniel Holdsworth

Marian’s Weekly Race Report 18/08/15

A very busy weekend saw 7 Harriers at the Northallerton Park Run, with Donna James and Dan Holdsworth fighting it out to finish 8th and 9th in 21.24  and 21.48 respectively.  Rob Burn, in his first race of any substance for some time, came 11th in 22.04, Phillip Craig 51st in 29.00, Christine Burn 61st in 31.11, Liz Stephenson 79th in 36.43 and Joanne Richardson, acting as sweeper, 92nd in 51.20.

At Fountains Abbey, Bryan Miller was first club finisher, 12th in 19.14, just a second slower than his PB, Martyn Coy 27th in 20.50, Charlotte Wilton 32nd in 21.12, rebecca Burgess 40th in a PB 22.10, Alan Pollock 60th in 23.44, Claire Gillan 76th in 24.29, Nigel Morgan 78th in PB 24.43, Martin Cummins 96th in 25.44, faith Coy 112th in 27.07, Paul Adams, 123rd in 27.46, Jane Cummins 142nd in 29.18, Tracy Hayden 179th in 32.22 anf Gillian Crane 191st in 33.31.

The Escrick 10k on Sunday, on a perfect morning for running, took part in the beautiful grounds of Queen Margaret’s School on trails over level ground.  Rob Lickley came in 62nd out of 502 in 42.13, Alan Harman 172nd in 49.00, Ian Codling 435th in 64.20 and Marian Codling 495th in 76.18.

Graham Robinson was among the 222 finishers of the Ray Harrison Memorial 10k over a 2-lap course which is more testing than it at firat appears.  He came 77th, and 2nd M60, in 44.04.

The Sedbergh Hills Race was the venue for Pete Wilkin, a hard 14 mile fell race over the hills round Sedbergh with 5000 feet of climb.  Perhaps the toughest section was the long drag up to The Calf, and Pete did well to come 38th out of 125 in 2.58, on a morning which was warm at the start and much cooler on the tops.

15 harriers made up the team for the recent Cleveland Way Relays. the first of them having to leave Thirsk at 3.30 am for a 5 am start at Filey.  Warm but drizzly weather accompanied the early starters and Fran Jeffery and Rebecca Burgess set off to run the leg to Scarborough, with Sonja and Paul van Der Westhhuisen taking over to Cloughton Bay where they were joined by Claire Gillan.  Brian Smith was part of the team which ran the tough leg to Ravenscar.  Bryan Smith and Ken Wood were competitive between Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby, with Ken and Duncan Fothergill continuing to Runswick Bay.  Stuart Waters ran from Skinninggrove to Slapewath, and other members of the team included Marc Davies, David Read, Graham Robinson, Andy Butcher and Trish Radford.  They finally all arrived at Helmsley by 7.35 pm for well deserved fish and chips after a long and tiring day, and congratulations are due to them all.  Their finishing position was an excellent 8th out of 14 teams, with a lot of experience gained on this their first attempt at this race.

Rob’s Weekly Blog & training update for w/c 17/08/15

Monday 17th August.   7pm Athletic club
Some core work and short intervals.

Tuesday  18th August.  7pm Athletic club
Paths and trails around Thirsk.

Wednesday 19th. August.  7pm.  Sutton Bank.(car park) Summer handicap.    7.20’ish start.
Followed with a barbecue of whatever you bring.  Stopwatch Steve will have worked out you handicap, make sure you get your time before you start to warm up. Those who have not run a recent time trial can still run but will not be eligible for first prize. (Champion). Steve will give you a start time as to where he may think you will fit in.  I will bring along a truck load of goodies so all those who run will get a prize. Tesco Nige is going to bring along some fuel trays so all you need to do is bring some food to put on them.
I know harriers is fast becoming a spectator club so could we have some time keepers, scores etc please. You will also need to bring some warm clothing, maybe bring the kids, your partners and anyone else for that matter and join in the fun!! It may also be a good idea to bring along some warm, woolly gloves, if the fires won’t light then at least you will have somewhere warm to put your sausage!!

Wednesday 26th August.  Sessay Swift. There will be no training this night.  Marian is still looking for a few marshals so if you do not intend to run then perhaps you may want to put your name forward.
I see there were 25 of you ran Darlington and most of you were quite happy with your times. ( chuffed one or two remarked) This is good for this is what we were training for. If a few of you are struggling with training/racing or just struggling then maybe you could contact me and see if we can sort it out! ( try the old fashioned way and phone me direct on my mobile)  Remember, you should never have a bad race, some are just a little bit better than others.
I know within the club there are quite a few bikers, some are very, very good. I have a course which is approx 14 miles long, half road/half trail and I would describe it as more tough than technical, more like a tough training run and I just wondered if some of you would mind having a go at it. At the moment conditions are perfect and probably the last chance to get a right good time before next year as it soon turns a little bit muddy. It’s just a little project I’m busy with so if you fancy it then give me a shout ( but soon).
See you soon,Rob

Marian’s Weekly Race Report w/c 10/08/15

The popular Darlington 10k attracted 25 Harriers for this latest Club Championship race and thanks must go to the Borough Council and to the people of Darlington who support this race so well.  The number of road races available to enter gets fewer each year and it is good that this race continues to grow.  Steve Middleton had a very good run to come 82nd in a very strong field in 38.11.  1636 runners completed this fairly level 2-lap race, and Ken Wood was next, 22nd in 41.35, one of several members to do personal best times over this distance.  Rob Lickley came 258th in 42.47, with Donna James first lady club finisher, 265th in 42.58, Graham Robinson 284th in 43.30,  Charlotte Wilton 294th in 43.41,  Martyn Coy 324th in 44.21,  Steven Scott 445th in 46.00,  Rebecca Burgess 450th in 46.16,  Geoff Bullock 535th in 47.54,  Peter Richardson 596th in 48.42, Marc Davies 666th in 50.30,  Brian Smith 773rd in 51.37,  Daniel Thompson 869th in 53.59,  Chris Sykes 912th in 54.10,  Malcolm Aitken 920th in 54.39, Faith Coy 936th in 55.10,  Andrea Almack 1152nd in 59.04,  Richard Easby 1259th in 60.47,  Phillip Craig 1263rd in 60.59,  Ian Codling 1438th in 66.24,  Gary Holmes 1475th in 66.20,  Hayley Holmes 1495th in 67.23,  Marian Codling 1575th in 74.48 and Liz Stephenson 1605th in 79.58.

The Northallerton Park Run had 96 finishers, with Steven Scott 10th in 22.00, Charlotte Knowles 14th in 22.15, Phillip Craig 60th in 30.20, Louise Knowles 74th in 31.45 and Peter Richardson, acting as sweeper, 96th in 49.36.
At Fountains Abbey, martin Cummins was 95th out of 266 in 25.42, Chris Wordsworth 117th in 27.15,  Paul Adams 127th in 27.42,  Elizabeth Wordsworth – how good to see her competing again after injury – 153rd in 29.10,  Jane Cummins 161st in 29.47, Linda Bamforth 165th in 30.09 and Gillian Crane 205th in 33.13.

The Cock Howe and Beyond Fell Race had 107 finishers on an excellent night for running. Pete Wilkin led the way for Harriers, 22nd in 48.19,  Bryan Miller 30th in 50.49, David Fawkes 60th in 57.03, Lorraine Hiles 61st in 57.06,  Hilary Coventry 71st in 59.10,  Helen Ashworth 77th in 61.14,  Rebecca Burgess 80th in 61.50, Claire Gillan 95th in 66.43, Ken Evitt, in his first race for a year or two because of injury, 104th in 71.33 and Alan Wikeley 105th in 76.48.  the ladies’ team took 3rd place.

Because of the illness of the indefatiguable Dave Parry, the remainder of this year’s summer fell race series is cancelled, and Thirsk and Sowerby Harriers send Dave their good wishes.

Pete Wilkin, in his third race in 8 days, travelled to Ambleside for the Rydal Round Fell race over 10 miles with 3000 feet of climb and finished 44th out of 104 in a very creditable 1.53.40.

Liz Stephenson’s result was missed from the York 10k results.  The ever-improving Liz took a personal best 74.27 minutes.

It’s not too late to enter the Sessay Swift 6k road race on Aug 26th, 7.30 pm.  Entries will be taken on the day of space available.  Details on the newly updated club web-site.

Time Trial July 2015 – Sutton Bank

1 Bryan Miller 00:00 12:21 12:21
2 Charlotte Wilton 05:15 18:37 13:22
3 Rob Lickley 04:15 17:42 13:27
4 Graham Robinson 05:30 18:58 13:28
5 Steven Scott 05:00 15:55 13:55
6 Jody ? 04:45 19:15 14:30
7 Jack Davies 03:15 17:57 14:42
8 Marc Davies 06:00 21:00 15:00
9 Pete Richardson 04:00 19:06 15:06
10 Martin Cummins 03:30 18:37 15:07
11 Claire Gillan 04:30 19:55 15:25
12 Fran Jeffrey 05:45 21:21 15:36
13 Helen Ashworth 02:00 17:46 15:46
14 Nigel Morgan 02:15 18:03 15:48
15 Steve Harrison 03:00 18:49 15:49
16 Steve Booth 02:45 19:09 16:24
17 Nicola Booth 03:45 20:21 16:36
18 Ken Evitt 00:30 17:36 17:06
19 Fiona Bellas 06:15 24:08 17:53
20 Philip Craig 01:30 19:37 18:07
21 Jane Cummins 01:00 20:07 19:07
22 Drikus VDW 01:45 21:01 19:16
23 Alan Wikeley 02:30 22:31 20:01
24 Tracy Hayden 00:45 20:51 20:06
25 Ian Codling 01:15 22:05 20:50
26 Gillian Crane 00:00 21:50 21:50
27 Liz Stephenson 00:15 22:32 22:17

Time Trial June 2015 – Kilburn Woods

1 Steph Tom 03:30 15:45 12:15
2 Rob Lickley 02:15 15:00 12:45
3 Rob Burn 03:45 17:46 14:01
4= Steven Scott 02:00 16:10 14:10
4= Alan Pollock 02:45 16:55 14:10
6 Graham Robinson 01:45 16:39 14:54
7 Martin Cummins 00:00 14:56 14:56
8 Geoff Bullock 01:00 16:46 15:46
9 Ken Evitt 01:15 18:13 16:58
10 Paul Adams 03:00 20:30 17:30
11 Fiona Bellas 03:15 21:28 18:13
12 Christine Burn 00:45 19:16 18:31
13 Jane Cummins 01:30 20:43 19:13
14 Linda Bamforth 02:30 22:29 19:59
15 Ian Codling 00:30 21:01 20:31
16 Lucy MacDonald 00:15 23:47 23:32
17 Marian Codling 00:15 23:58 23:43

Thirsk 10 - 2021

Virtual Championship 2021

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Hello club members and friends of the Thirsk 10 road race. We would just like to provide a brief update to inform everybody that for obvious reasons the Thirsk 10 race will not be held in March 2021 however, we intend to reassess the situation in the Spring with a view to holding the event later in the year subject to national and local restrictions in place at the time. We apologise for the disappointment this will undoubtably cause, however I am sure that everybody appreciates that the Covid 19 Pandemic is a fluid situation with rules and restrictions seemingly changing on a daily basis. We will provide a further update in once we have been able to consider matters. Assuring you of our best intentions at all times, keep running and stay safe. The Thirsk 10 Team.